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 artistic concept 




When I travel to a place, I try to capture the energy and the story of it, talking to people, listening to their memories about the past and the present, searching after local myths, legends and tales. Every culture I met with, showed to believe in characteristic mythological figures and different named spirits, ascribing them occult powers, being able to influence everyday's life. Many of these stories, only survive among old people, getting lost by younger generations. I personally think, these myths belong to our universal consciousness, representing our roots, and forgetting them means to get rid of an essential piece of our identity. That's why I decided to fix them as an artwork, making  out of them an immortal human heritage. 


Photographing the invisible

The second part of the creative process is to photograph places or energies, related to nature or the myths and the stories. My effort is to approach them in an expressionistic way, avoiding being dazzeled by the aesthetic exterior, looking through the camera's lens for their intimate essence. That's why I prefer to depict simple objects or plain landscapes instead of complex subjects. 


Extracting the essence

The third part of the creative process is to show the hidden side of the captured image visualizing the invisible through the mirroring of the picture. This process allows the artist to materialize the final work already created and visualized in his mind and with his eyes during the act of capturing the image.



The last part of the creative process is to show the invisible side of the spiritual world to the world helping people to reflect on their own spirituality and maybe starting thinking  different about the respect of nature and the environment

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