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 The ghost of Equi Terme


The tales about the cave of Equi Terme

The territory of the Lunigiana in Tuscany was often told as a land inhabited from dark presences or ghosts like reported in an old newspaper

Listening to different tales about this beautiful territory one is still particularly vivid in my mind :

The tale about the Equi Terme cave:


For all of the recent Stone Age (the Neolithic) the valley seems to have been unpopulated; however, at the beginning of the metal ages, during the Bronze age (the Eneolithic) new groups of humans -- mostly shepherds – came. Here they found water, salt and metals; so they stayed for long periods throughout the year. They used the fields and valleys for living in; while the caves (the Tecchia and la Tana della Volpe, the Fox’s Den) were for burying their dead and for worshipping (probably a water divinity at Buco del Diavolo, the Devil’s Pit).

That is how this place of nature, of water, and of stone came to be used and lived in by humans, up to modern times. (from the webpage turismointoscana.it)

Up today people are telling about strange noises coming from the inside of the cave (probably the wind blowing through the rocks during the often earthquakes) let them thinking about the presence of a ghost living into the cave.