The wizard of Castelfeder 

The legend of the wizard of Castelfeder

A wizard and many wizardghosts were living in the old castle on the hills of Castelfeder (Alt-Enn). People were scared about that place and avoided the castle walking by. Many womans walking around were kidnapped from the wizard and brought into the castle where he left them starve. One day a brave knight  decided to tackle the wizard and headed for the castle wearing his armour. When the wizard saw him walking near the castle came out riding on his  demonic animal which was a mix between a lion and an eagle and a furious battle began. The wizard tried using many spells creting a sea where the knight should die but the knight’s wife gave him an amulet  in order to protect himself so that the spells didn’t work. The wizard became very angry and with an artifice came into the mind of the knight showing him his wife  near him bleeding and crying.

The knight dropped the sword scared so that the wizard could kidnap  and bring him into the castle tower to starve. Fortunately the trusty knight’s horse raced where the knight  lived with his wife giving her the opportunity to reach her husband at the tower. Along the way she found her husband’s sword and hid it under her dress. When she arrived at the castle the wizard was waiting for her and let her in. The wizard took from her beauty fell immediately in love getting completely crazy for her. The woman to benefit from this situation promised the wizard  a night of love if he had left her walking off the castle. The woman found the tower where her husband was imprisoned and gave him the sword so that he could cut the head of the wizard off. Suddenly a big earthquake sucked the whole castle causing big noise and flames.. the knight and his wife were able to save themselves.

Sometimes during the night the wizard can be seen sorrounded by flames in different forms on the hills of Castelfeder. 

© 2020 Stefano Favaretto photographer