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Let's explore the healing potential of art together. As a digital artist, psychologist, and psychotherapist, I believe in the power of art to promote wellness. Join me as we journey towards personal growth and happiness through the transformative power of art.

Stefano Favaretto, , Is an Italian Psychologist - Psychotherapist photographer and NFT artist. After working as psychologist and psychotherapist for about 20 years, he became a full time artist following his passion for photography. His artistic research aims to investigate the relationships between real life materials and the spiritual world. Favaretto tries to capture the figures and the energies in the natural elements that he sees with his real eyes, using a digital camera bringing them to light.

Having been exhibited all over the world, Favaretto is now a pioneer in the Metaverse promoting wellbeing using digital art and his experience as Psychotherapist as a tool to support mental wellness.

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