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 Artistic Concept 




My artistic research tries to investigate the existence of a link between a so - called invisible universe made of energies, frequencies, vibrations, and what instead, represents the visible, tangible world. My attempt is to undo the boundaries between physical and intangible matter by diving into human spirituality by showing the existence of a universal energy with different shapes at different levels of frequency, but all belonging to a unique source. My research investigates elements that have always been the bridge between the two alleged universes (physical and not physical), like myths and legends and focuses on the study of energies as part of a collective identity. By exploring energy essence I try to demonstrate that human beings have always tried to "look beyond '' what the naked eye can't see and confirm the existence of an intangible universe that we do not see and is yet, part of us. Immortalizing the invisible reality that is there in front of our eyes (by using my camera), I bring it to light and reveal incredible figures and shapes made of pure energy . Thanks to an old Kirlian that is able to detect human body aura, I’m investigating the concept of personal identity using the photographed body energy as a bridge to the concept of collective identity showing that we are part of the same universal energy. My art is an invitation to go deeper into our spiritual side and to use different perspectives to explore our existence.

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