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Evoluens 5.0 is a dynamic and ever-evolving project harnessing the transformative potential of art, psychology, meditation and creativity to enhance wellbeing. We are firm believers in the power of art to ignite creativity, alleviate stress and anxiety, and contribute to overall health improvement. In pursuit of this mission, we offer a variety of support groups facilitated by experts, organize conferences, and foster a community where individuals can come together to share their personal journeys.

Moreover, we embrace cutting-edge techniques, immersive experiences, and the metaverse to advance our objectives. Our vision extends beyond traditional boundaries, as we aim to create meaningful support using these innovative tools to contribute to a genuine and profound transformation of psychophysical well-being, promoting a concept of mental sustainability as well as environmental sustainability. Through this commitment, we aspire to raise public awareness about the profound impact of art and creativity on well-being.

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DR. Stefano Favaretto,
Founder & CEO di Evoluens 5.0.

I am an established psychologist and psychotherapist with 18 years of consolidated experience in the field of mental health. In recent years I have developed my passion for art and have become a successful artist and community builder, also organizing global exhibitions. I have always been committed to promoting wellbeing and mental health and firmly believe in the ability of art to contribute to this goal. By combining psychology, art, and meditative techniques, I have decided to create a new project in the metaverse that can help people feel better and find new solutions for managing anxiety and stress in everyday life.

No upcoming events at the moment

The meetings will be structured as follows 

Basic information

Useful information related to the topic will be provided by the expert

Self-awareness and creative expression

Journey on self-awareness and exploration of one's resources with the sharing of personal experiences, also through the use of creative expression tools and guided visualizations or meditation.

Sharing and raising awareness

The aim of the meetings is to collect useful material to raise public awareness through exhibitions

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