The spirits of the marble quarries

Listening to the real stories about people working in the marble quarries of Carrara you immediately realize the great wisdom of the people who are passing down the knowledge about this difficult but entchanting world from one generation to the other. You discover that marble is a living matter even breathing and changing gradually sometimes becoming a real person. People doing this dangerous work are conscious about the risk of dying and that's why the have to believe in an unknown energy protecting them every day. Many people working in the quarries were telling about having seen spirits or similar characters coming out of the did Marullo


Marullo was the stronger and most famous hunter of the region. He killed many many hares and foxes.One cold winter day he was founded naked and raving in a marble quarrie called the snow cave. All the people warried about what it was happening to him brought him home asking what happened and Marullo said:

I was sleeping when suddenly a big big hare came to my room; she was really angry with me and took me with teeth  and brought  me to the snow cave.I was scared and petrified while she was watching to me with stern look..than they came..yes the spirits of the killed hares were sorrounding me..they were looking at me with fiery eyes..than the big hare who took me there said that I was guilty and condemned me to die the snow cave.....since that moment Marullo never killed hares anymore..(from the book "La casa del colonnello of Alvise Lazzareschi)


© 2020 Stefano Favaretto photographer